Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rickey Henderson - The Man of Steal

Rickey Henderson is the first guy featured in Dean’s Cards "Player of the Week".   He was not the easiest player to like when he was on the other team because he was such a hot dog. Henderson

The only game that I recall seeing Henderson play (although there must have been more) was a one game playoff in 1999, where the Mets killed my hometown Reds 5-0.  Al Leiter 2-hit the Reds and a sellout crowd was forced to sit in the sweltering heat and watch a terribly boring game.

The highlight of the night was when several drunk fans jumped onto the field and would run the bases.  The cops would chase them every time and try to prevent them from "scoring".  It happened 2 or 3 times during the night and was the only comic relief that the Reds fans had.

Henderson would swipe catch the pop flies that were hit to him in left field and then slap the glove on his leg.  It was like rubbing salt in the wound of the disappointed fans and we would boo every catch.  Rickey seemed to enjoy the attention and capped off his performance by hitting a dinger.  That is how I remember Rickey.

That said, Henderson was the best lead-off player ever.  Rickey had some great cards and his career spanned many teams.  Congratulations Rick.

Below are the top five candidates for the best Rickey Henderson card.  (His rookie card is disqualified, because that would be too easy of a pick.)

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