Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Added: 1,200 1956 Topps Baseball Cards

In the past month we have added over 20,000 vintage cards to  About 1,200 of those added were 1956 Topps Baseball cards, including an EX/MT set break, at least one of every star card and hundreds more compiled from other collections we bought recently.

Before we added this lot of 1956 Topps Baseball, our inventory was sitting right around 2,000 cards.  With this addition that puts us up to about 1,366 unique singles, changing many of our cards from 0 quantity to 1.  This puts us at about 3,200 total quantity; a 60% increase to the selection of 1956 Topps Baseball Cards.

On a side note, we also recently made sure that our 1956 Topps cards were properly titled according to them being either a Gray Back or a White Back card to help the more detailed collector.  These 1956 Topps were just a small part of what we have been up to at  Make sure to check out our Recently Added Cards page to see all of our latest additions.

Highlights of our recent addition:

Complete Sets

Mickey Mantle

Jackie Robinson