Friday, July 2, 2010

In 1952, Topps used a 13 year old photo!

In a letter published in the July 9, 2010 issue of Sports Collectors Digest, I found where Topps used a seven year old photo of Tommie Aaron for his 1969 card.  I also stated that this was the oldest photo that I was aware of Topps ever using on a post war regular player card - but if some one could find an older one – we would reward them with a $50 Gift Certificate.

Well, it did not take long.  Last night, I received an e-mail from Joe S, who discovered that Topps used at least a 13-year old photo on 1952 Topps #101 Max Lanier.  Very Well Done!

There is no way of knowing this, unless you see the old photograph of Lanier in a Cardinals uniform.  In the photo, Lanier is wearing a Cardinals cap that they last wore in 1939.  In 1940, the Cardinals began wearing blue caps with red bills.

Joe, I hope you enjoy your Gift Certificate.

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