Friday, July 15, 2011

Inventory In-Depth: Our Plethora of 1961 Topps Baseball Cards

Q: Where can you choose to buy from over 18,000 different 1961 Topps Baseball Cards? 
A: Only at

We have the most comprehensive listing anywhere on the worldwide web, and we’ve just added 5,000 more cards to our extensive inventory! Sorry for boasting, but we even have more than eBay, who currently has less 15,000 listings from that year.

# 300 Mickey Mantle - 1961 Topps Baseball

The 1961 Topps offering celebrates its golden anniversary in 2011 with 50 years since production!  Amazingly enough, we still have over 7,000 cards in Excellent/Mint condition or better.  You just don’t see these cards in this great condition every day.

When you add it up, nobody has the quality or quantity that has to offer when it comes to vintage cards.  If you’re looking to start collecting the set, pick up one of our starter sets and get some major discounts on top of everyday discounts.  Or shop for your favorite big league team or player.  Either way, Dean’s Cards has all the 1961 Topps Baseball to make your collection complete.

(Left) # 2 Roger Maris - 1961 Topps Baseball

(Right) # 388 Roberto Clemente - 1961 Topps Baseball

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