Friday, January 20, 2012

Complete Vintage Fleer Sets

While adding another round of Complete Sets to our inventory last week, we noticed there was a nice run of complete Fleer Sets from 1959 to 1961.  Out of the four sets we added, two of them are VG/EX and the others are EX/MT.  Vintage Fleer Cards will never hold the same prestige as Vintage Topps, or even Bowman for that matter, but these are sets that don't come around as often either.  Plus, at, it's always fun when someone finds some 1959 Fleer cards and makes sure to let us know they struck gold and found a Ted Williams!

As fun as the 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set is, the set we see the least of is the 1960 Fleer Football Card set.  The 1960 Fleer Football cards were Fleer's first adventure into Football.  The production quality from Fleer on this set was really, really bad.  High-grade cards aren't something you will see a lot of in this set, due to constant miscuts, rough cuts and sloppy print flaws.  With this being their first football set, and their worst production, it really gives the cards their own admirable qualities.

Now for those sets:

If you are still interested in Fleer Baseball Cards and aren't a complete set kind of guy, make sure to check out our huge selection of singles too.  We always have a surge of collections at the beginning of the year, so keep an eye on our Recently Added Cards page to keep up and what we're getting in the door.

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