Friday, November 2, 2012

Project Bulldog!

by +Dean Hanley
We have some exciting news to share! The whole Dean's Cards team has been involved with this huge project that we have nicknamed "Bull Dog".  In August, we began to professionally grade and scan all the vintage cards in our inventory. So far, the team has scanned over 200,000 cards. We are about half of the way done in completing our vintage card inventory (1952-1969).
Team Labeling Cards

Our goal is to have Bull Dog completed by the time that we sit down to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  IT IS GOING TO BE CLOSE!

Zach Identifying
Each card that we have is being de-sleeved, graded and scanned. After it is scanned it is then identified in the computer. Once those steps are done we then print out labels for the cards.

Barry Printing Labels

Before Bull Dog, we had only the stock images for the cards listed online, but now each and every card has been professionally graded and is accompanied by a full front and back scan.

Completed Bulldogged Cards
Our customers can now access any of the cards that they have purchased by scanning the "QR Code" with a smart phone.  Eventually, we plan to add a card collecting software, so that collectors can organize their collections, view images and vital statistics of the cards in their collection.

We never realized how hard of an accomplishment this would be. We even brought in some wonderful temps to help us with the process. They are doing a fantastic job!

All of our baseball cards are sorted by years. If you are shopping online and would like to see the picture of the card you are buying please follow these steps.


How to view card images on

1. Select the Vintage Set that you would like to review.

2. Find the card you want to look at. Cards with the asterisk * by the card will have a complete scanned image.

3. Choose a card and its condition

4.  Click on the card. If the card you choose only has 1 quantity in stock then only one image will appear (front and back). If there is more than 1 quantity of a card, their images will appear on the page.

5. Each card will have two images displayed side by side. Each card has its own unique serial number. To get a enlarged view of the card simply click on either the front scan or the back scan. This will magnify the card so that you can get a better look. To close the image out simply click anywhere on the image. Please realize that even the most pristine cards show flaws at their magnification.

6. Once you decide on which card you would like click “add to cart”. After you click that it will say “This item is in your cart”. If you click on “shopping cart” it will show you the card you selected along with the serial number. If you click on the serial number it will show you the image of the card in your cart. If you need to go back to the year you were looking at just click the back arrow button on your browser.

We hope that this will enhance you shopping experience and make the process of buying vintage cards even faster, easier and more fun.

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