Tuesday, February 26, 2013

T-206 Honus Wagner Auction Article Features Dean Hanley

Dean and Dean's Cards were featured prominently in an article about the auction of a rare 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner card in excellent condition. The article appeared on February 26, 2013 in "Sports on Earth," a website that is part of MLB.com and USA Today. You can read the T-206 Honus Wagner article here.

Online article about T-206 Honus Wagner auction features Dean.
The Wagner card up for auction now is the Jumbo Wagner, named for its margins, which are wider than those found on the typical T-206 Wagner (printing and cutting standards were not as uniform then as they would later become). The wide margins protected the face of the card, keeping it in excellent condition. The card was graded as a "5" on a 1-to-10 condition scale by Professional Sports Authenticators, the independent company that provides industry-standard grades for collectibles.

The widely known Gretzky T-206 is an "8," the highest quality Wagner card in existence, though with a caveat: it was cut from a sheet and never inserted in a tobacco pack, allowing its corners to remain extra sharp. There is only one other T-206 Wagner "5" in the world, and only one "4." The Jumbo Wagner is a rarity among rarities.

Dean's Cards has a wide variety of authentic T-206 available on its website.
You can purchase the T-206 reprint set at Dean's Cards.com
You'll also find a beautiful 1909-11 T-206 Reprints Complete Set, known as "The Monster" on this page. Buying an authentic complete set of T-206 cards would cost millions, so this T-206 reprint set is an affordable option for collectors.
T-207 reprint set available at DeansCards.com.
Dean's Cards also offers another exclusive reprint set -- the 1912 T-207 reprint set, which we produced and reprinted in 2012 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the set. The T207 baseball card set is a true hobby classic. The 200-card T207 set contains 13 players that are in Baseball’s Hall-of-Fame, including Walter Johnson, Tris Speaker, Frank Chance, John McGraw, Smokey Joe Wood and Joe Tinker. Two interesting T207 cards are Eddie Cicotte and Buck Weaver, who were members of the 1919 White Sox and banned from the game for life.

The T207 reprint set turned out to be quite an undertaking, and took us two years to complete!

And if you're interested in adding the original T-206 Honus Wagner card to your collection, you can place your bid here. But have your wallet ready -- bidding begins at $500,000!

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