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Dean's Cards: 1967 Topps Baseball Cards Feature Simple Design and Great Photography

By Dean Hanley
Founder and Owner, Dean's Cards

The bright and colorful 1967 Topps baseball card set is a favorite of Dean’s Cards collectors. The cards are pure – there are no distracting designs, and that serves to emphasize the beautiful photographs throughout the set.
1967 Topps Tom Seaver rookie card available at Dean's Cards.
The 1967 Topps star cards are mostly head-shots. Cards #150 Mickey Mantle, #200 Willie Mays, and #400 Roberto Clemente are all three tight head-shots. Card #45 Roger Maris is the first to show him as a St. Louis Cardinal. He would play for the Cardinals for another 2 years. Some of the most attractive cards are #250 Hank Aaron and #430 Pete Rose. Both Rose and Aaron are shown in their batting stances. Aaron looks like he may be taking batting practice, while Rose is standing with his back to the outfield of what could be spring training outfield.

Rookie Cards Stand Out
Without a doubt, the rookie cards are one of the best features of the 1967 Topps baseball card set. The 1967 Topps baseball card set has several key rookie cards. Card #569 Rod Carew and  #581 Tom Seaver are part of the high number series, so both can be very difficult to find.
Roberto "Bob" Clemente card from the 1967 Topps set at Dean's Cards.
High Number Series Tough to Collect
The 1967 Topps set is one of the most difficult to complete due to the high number seventh series, which consists of cards #534-609. The high number series was not released in all parts of the country, was short printed, and was released at a time when the football season was just starting. These three factors make it very difficult to find any seventh series cards.

If you asked Dean’s Cards collectors to name their favorite 1960s baseball card set, many would quickly name the 1967 Topps baseball card set.  The set is fun to collect and challenging at the same time.

Something for All Collectors
When you combine the simple, beautiful design, the high quality photographs, the great rookie cards, and the challenge of collecting the seventh series, the 1967 Topps baseball card set really does offer something unique feature for every type of baseball card collector.
Hank Aaron from the 1967 Topps set available at Dean's Cards.
The 1967 Topps Baseball card set facts:
Features 609 standard size cards
Card Size: 2 ½” x 3 1/2”
Subsets: World Series highlights (151-155) and league leaders (233-244).
The high number series (534-609) is more difficult and expensive to collect
Key rookie cards: #569 Rod Carew and #581 Tom Seaver.
Key stars: # 150 Mickey Mantle, #200 Willie Mays, #250 Hank Aaron, #400 Roberto Clemente, #430 Pete Rose, #600 Brooks Robinson

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