Thursday, August 12, 2010

1909 T206 Baseball Cards

T206 is the most famous set ever produced. Dean's Cards recently sent off approximately 150 of the big name T206 baseball cards to PSA to be graded. The majority came back as PSA 4 and PSA 5. We have multiple cards of many of the Hall-of-Fame players. It was just so cool having so many of these amazing old cards, we had to make a video to share it with you guys. These cards are listed online and ready to buy - just click on the Dean's Cards T206 Page.

If you are interested in Tobacco Cards, you really need to pick up the new book The T-206 Collection: the Players & Their Stories. The amount of detail put into this book is astounding, and it will be used as a reference book for years to come.

Although the book has an image of each T-206 card, it focuses more on the players. Most of us baseball historians are familiar with most of the 76 Hall-of-Fame Players in the set, but the book contains a paragraph of information on all of 524 players in the T-206 baseball card set. This is an astounding accomplishment when you consider the fact that many of the T-206 cards feature minor league players that played the game a century ago.

This great book is written by Tom & Ellen Zappala - who I had the opportunity to meet at this National Sports Card Show. You can get more information or buy the book at When we find a good thing, I always try to pass the information on to our customers and friends in the hobby.

If you can not afford T-206 originals, then you can always start off with T-206 Reprints.

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