Friday, May 7, 2010

Dean's Cards just bought some cool Goudey Baseball Cards

We just bought a very nice collection of mid-1930’s Baseball Cards.  This collection contained 1934 Goudey Baseball Cards, 1936 Goudey Black & White Baseball Cards, 1936 Goudey Wide Pen Premiums, 1934-36 Diamond Stars Baseball Cards, 1934 Goudey Indian Gum Cards, and some 1933-34 National Chicle Sky Birds Cards.

The cards are great by themselves, but what makes this collection so cool is that the actual collector brought in the cards (with a little help from his family).  Even though Dean’s Cards buys close to 1,000 collections a year, all but just a few are sent to us through the mail.

An older gentleman came in with the cards and told us stories from his childhood of buying the cards to get the gum.  He described how big and thick the chunks of gum were and how great it tasted as a kid.  The whole Dean’s Cards gang stopped what they were doing to listen in on the stories. This gentleman walked with the help of a cane and must have been close to ninety, but he almost looked like a kid again as we discussed boyhood heroes, bubble gum and baseball cards.

He then went into stories about Dizzy Dean and the Gashouse Gang. The Cardinals were definitely the most popular team of the era.  His team was the Cleveland Indians and I heard stories about Bob Feller and Lou Boudreau, too.  I can listen to stories like this all day long and into the night!

Days like these are why I got into this hobby.  This is pure Americana! I feel really lucky and blessed to be fortunate enough to play with sports cards every day.  Please check out the video for a look at the cards.

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