Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Collectors Come to Dean's

When collectors contact Dean’s Cards about selling their sets, the e-mails go directly to Dean.  But what most people don't realize is that someone else usually goes through all the cards to determine the value of the collection.

Dean's Cards goal is to have one million cards posted online by the end of the year.  In order to accomplish this goal, we aggressively buy vintage sports cards: nearly 1000 collections a year.  No one pays more and no one is more trustworthy.  The word on how much Dean's Cards pays for collections is getting out!

Evaluating A Collection

At Dean’s Cards, we pride ourselves on both our accuracy and our speediness when bidding on collections.  Our goal is to submit an offer to the seller within two business days after the package arrives at the office.

Please click here for more information about what we buy or to watch Dean’s video on selling your sports card collection.

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