Friday, September 9, 2011

1957 Topps Space Cards / Target: Moon

Topps ventures out into the final frontier...

# 16 Strapped Down for Takeoff - 1957 Topps Space Cards

It's 1957.  The United States and Soviet Union are beginning the great space race.  What would happen in the near future could only be imagined as a fantastic dream.  The sky was clearly not the limit any more.

With a majority of the population entranced by the atmosphere of a science fiction novel, the Topps company decided to throw its hat in the ring with their release of 1957 Topps Space Cards and 1957 Topps Target: Moon Cards.  The sets each contain 88 cards with identical card fronts and backs.
# 88 Life on Other Planets - 1957 Topps Space Cards

The reason for producing two nearly identical sets escapes a lot of collectors.  One theory is that the Target: Moon cards were released a year after the Space cards.  Regardless, Target: Moon is still recognized as a 1957 Topps release.  Target: Moon also holds a marginally higher value when compared to the Space Cards issue.

Another interesting twist with this set is the Popsicle version of Target: Moon.  The differences can clearly be seen on the back of the cards; with the Space cards and earlier Target: Moon having blue colored backs and Target: Moon Popsicle cards having pink (some call it salmon colored) backs.  The year of issue for the Popsicle backs is rumored to be a good bit after the initial releases of both the 1957 Space Cards and Target: Moon sets.
The differences between the regular issue and Popsicle version are a bit more evident.
Countdown your collection of 1957 Topps Space Cards, 1957 Topps Target: Moon, and 1957 Topps Popsicle Target: Moon at  If you're interested in buying this you might also enjoy: 1951 Bowman Jets, Rockets, and Spacemen, 1962 Bubbles Inc. Mars Attacks, 1963 Topps Popsicle Astronaut Cards, and 1964 Bubbles Inc. Outer Limits cards.

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