Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recently Added: 1965 Topps Baseball Complete Set - Very Good

Check out our new 1965 Topps Baseball Complete Set...

This 1965 Topps Baseball Complete set contains 589 cards. The front of each card features a player's photo with a pennant design containing the player's team. The reverse side is printed in blue ink and provides the player's biographical information and statistical history.  The high numbers series (371-598) is hard to find individually and contains several expensive short print cards, which are also included in this set.

Important rookie cards included in this set include: Steve Carlton, Catfish Hunter, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, and Mansori Murakami.

Players included in this set that are now in the Hall of Fame: Roberts, Morgan, Bunning, Marichal, Conigliaro, F. Robinson, Kaline, Mantle, Gibson, B. Robinson, Maris, Clemente, Aaron, McCovey, Stengel, Perry, Spahn, Rose, B. Williams, Mays, Drysdale, Wilhelm, Koufax, Ford, Cepeda, Stargell, Yaz, Killebrew, Aparicio, Niekro, Berra, Carlton, Fox, Mathews, Banks, Hunter, Brock, and Perez.

The high-dollar-cards grade as follows:
#134 Mantle (World Series Game 3): Very Good
#160 Clemente: Very Good
#207 Rose: Excellent
#250 Mays: Excellent
#300 Koufax: Very Good
#350 Mantle: Very Good/Excellent
#477 Carlton RC: Very Good
#510 Banks: Excellent
#526 Hunter RC: Excellent
#581 Perez RC: Very Good

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