Thursday, September 8, 2011

Broke a Set: 1953 Bowman Black & White

We recently broke a set of this classic baseball card offering from Bowman...

# 28 Hoyt Wilhelm - 1953 Bowman B&W
Perhaps the beauty of this set can be attributed to its sheer simplicity.  The 1953 Bowman Black & White baseball cards feature the most basic design of all vintage cards. There is only one series and only one possible variation in the entire set.
The 1953 Bowman Black & White cards are generally more difficult to find than their color counterpart and therefore are slightly more expensive on a card by card basis (an entire 1953 Bowman Color set is more expensive than the '53 Bowman B&W because there are so many more cards in that set).

Dean's Cards just broke an Excellent/Mint set of 1953 Bowman Black and White Baseball Cards and added them to inventory.  As with all of our vintage complete sets, the grading is extremely consistent.  This means that we now have a card in Excellent/Mint for just about every number!

Featured players in this set include: Mize, Stengel, Lemon, Wilhelm, Bridges, Harris, Bell, Sain, and Roe. 

If you like the 1953 Bowman Black & White Baseball card set, check out the 1953 Bowman Color Baseball Set.  We also have 1953 Bowman Black and White Reprints, Reprint Complete Sets, and other various vintage Bowman offerings.

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