Monday, April 25, 2011

1960 Fleer Baseball Card Complete Set

#3 Babe Ruth
One of the very first retro card sets was the 1960 Fleer baseball card set. We are always surprised by how slowly these sets sell because they are full of Hall-of-Famers and star players from the first 90 years of professional baseball. Dean believes that this may be due to the fact that many of the players in the set are not wearing the uniforms of the team that made them famous. For example, Arky Vaughan is featured as a Brooklyn Dodger, but he spent only 4 of his 14 year career with the Dodgers. He is best known as the All-Star shortstop of the Pirates. George Sisler is shown as Boston Brave, but most people remember his for his 12 year career as a St. Louis Brown. Ernie Lombardi, a famous catcher for the Cincinnati Reds, is wearing a Giants uniform on his card.
#42 Ty Cobb

The Fleer company would make sets in 1961 and 1963, but the 1960 set definitely stands out for the unusual uniform choices. For those players who are featured in unexpected uniforms, it seems that the Fleer company picked the team that the player was on in the last year of his career. This would have made more sense in 1960, when collectors might remember that player for his last year in baseball. However, it makes the set slightly less desirable for collectors today.

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  1. My Dad and I put this set together about 15 years ago. We were real meticulous and continued to upgrade the set until all the cards were to our liking. Sharp corners, white borders, and vibrant colors. Great set. Under appreciated.