Friday, April 29, 2011

Just In: T207 Baseball Cards

We just received one of the largest collections of T207 cards that we have ever had. For collectors, the T207 set can be very fun to collect because there simply are not very many star cards. We wrote a blog about the T207 several months ago (click here to read our previous blog). However, the expensive cards in this set are unknown players. The best example of this phenomenon is the Louis Lowdermilk card. The T207 set, unlike the other popular tobacco sets of the early 20th-century, does not have a reprint set, possibly due to the fact that there are so many common or unknown players in the original set. The set does combine some of the best aspects of the T205 and T206 sets. There are individual player biographies on the back of each card, but there are also simple backgrounds that emphasize the player instead of an ornate border.

Please click here to see our entire inventory of T207 cards.

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