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Cincinnati’s “Dean of Baseball Cards” Sponsors his Boyhood Hero at Local Museum

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Cincinnati’s “Dean of Baseball Cards” Sponsors his Boyhood Hero at Local Museum

CINCINNATI, Ohio (April 13, 2011) – Cincinnati native Dean Hanley, owner of, is sponsoring guest-speaker Dave Parker at the Green Diamond Gallery in Montgomery on April 14th, 2011. While almost everyone in Cincinnati knows of local native and ex-Red Dave Parker, Dean Hanley and the Green Diamond Gallery are also renown in their selective circles.

The Green Diamond Gallery, a private club located in downtown Montgomery, houses one of the best private collections of baseball memorabilia in the country. The Green Diamond however, is less known because it is not-often open to the public “The Green Diamond is available to host local corporate, charity and private events.”, says Kevin Manley, the Manager of the gallery. “People come to the gallery for an event that usually features a famous guest-speaker and see how great of a place it is. The response to the gallery has been so strong, that there is currently a waiting list to become a Wright Society Member.”

“This event is Pure Cincinnati in every respect”, says Dean Hanley, who is often called the “Dean of Baseball Cards”. Hanley owns and operates, the worlds #1 seller of vintage sports cards on the web., located in Oakley, has an unbelievable online inventory of over one million cards. .The webpage is well-known nationally by vintage cards collectors. “Few people here in town realize that is here because we sell only on the internet”, says Dean. “But that is starting to change because of all the local sports cards and memorabilia collections that we are buying”.

Hanley, who will often spend tens-of-thousands of dollars in a month buying collections says, “People are starting to realize, that because of the national online presence of, we can pay more for vintage collections than local sports card shops. Dean’s Cards will buy just about any sports collectible from 1869 to 1969. Some of the old items that we see are incredible.”

Five years ago, Dean was able to purchase Dave Parker’s 1972 Carolina League Batting Trophy for a local collector. Hanley liked the huge plaque so much, that instead of reselling it, he hung it on his office wall. “The problem with me owning a baseball card and memorabilia store, is that I often fall in love with some of the items and decide to keep them for my collection.”, says Hanley. “I grew up watching Dave Parker play and it is a thrill for me to be able to sponsor this event and get to spend a little time with him. Ten of my neighbors and friends will also be there as my guests, and we are excited about the opportunity to talk to Parker and other ex-Reds who may drop by.”

When asked about how he feels about selling baseball cards for a living, being a member of the Green Diamond, and meeting his boyhood heroes.”, Hanley smiles and says, “It doesn’t get any better than this. It is like being a kid again. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.” May we all be so lucky.


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