Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1933 World Wide Gum Uncut Sheet

Just yesterday, we at Dean's Cards had the great fortune of having a very interesting piece of memorabilia walk through our doors- a 1933 World Wide Gum Uncut Sheet of cards. This extremely rare uncut sheet of Pre-War cards features names equally rare among collectors; including Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig and three Babe Ruth cards (two #80 cards and one #93). In fact, until we're proven otherwise, we're going to believe this product is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

The World Wide Gum set is commonly viewed as the Canadian brother to the American Goudey brand and occasionally features both English and French languages. However, our prized 1933 uncut sheet is in World Wide Gum's more standard English only. With no other branding on the cards, the giveaway that the cards are from World Wide Gum is the "Printed in Montreal" markings on them.

To view the ever-beautiful 1933 World Wide Gum Uncut Sheet, please click here.

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