Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Topps Football Cards

Standard Card
While the actual start date of the 2011 football season remains in question, the release date of the 2011 Topps football series is not. Slated to be released later this summer, the 2011 edition of Topps Football will include the return of some familiar favorites like Ring of Honor cards and Rookie Premiere Autographs as well as some exciting new features. Among them are a full color 1952 Bowman insert cards, "Faces of the Franchise" cards, a "Game Day" rivalry collection and cards honoring the "Super Bowl Legends."

In The Name Relic
Our personal favorite new feature at Dean's Cards is the new "In The Name" cards which feature a piece of the player's uniform nameplate in the card.

The standard 440-card set will be comprised of football veterans, rookies, NFL team cards, Pro Bowlers and cards capturing great playoff moments; however each standard hobby box will include one special insert card.

To fill out the rest of your football collections, please visit Dean's Cards.

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