Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sports Illustrated Magazine Inventory

Jack Tatum
One of the most captivating sports stories of today is unfolding away from the playing field, about 100 miles north of Dean's Cards headquarters, on the campus of  The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  Once the pride of an entire state, the University's storied football program is now struggling through the one of its darkest chapters. However, according to recent investigative work by Sports Illustrated, the programs' troubles began while its sun was still shining brightest.  Consequently, today's Ohio State is marred by a layered and complex eligibility scandal and is forced to live with an ugly scarlet and grey scar that results from the transgressions of a few individuals.

Ohio State No. 1
For better or for worse, Sports Illustrated has been around to chronicle sports' most important stories, while preserving a permanent place in history for them.  Ohio State's football program should know this as well as anyone.  Sports Illustrated has chronicled the dramatic dancing of Ohio State's famed halfback Archie Griffin, the on field heroics of legends like Jack Tatum to the magnificent triumphs of a team overcoming a worth adversary.  Yet, as Ohio State knows,  Sports Illustrated never hesitates to preserve those less than perfect moments as well.  Just ask Andy Katzenmoyer and Jim Tressel.

USC in 2005
Perhaps the most interesting part of history is that it changes over the course of time, providing a unique twist on how we view the past. Due in part to its weekly format, Sports Illustrated will often fall victim to a revisionist view of history.  In fact, this week, when the University of Southern California was stripped of its 2004 National Championship in football, an SI cover instantly became something of an oddity.   

The great part of collecting something is that there is a unique story behind every item.  However, collecting Sports Illustrated provides something extra- captured within the collectable is a timeless story that can preserved equally as long. 

Despite being unable to make a profit in the first 12 years of its existence, Sports Illustrated has been going strong for more than fifty years. Dean's Cards has comprehensive (and soon to be complete) collection of Sports Illustrated's in our inventory.   

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  1. Sports Illustrated has been around a long time and is enjoyed by a lot of people so they should stick around for another 50 years.