Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spending The Day at Dean's

Today, Dean'sCards.com received some welcome visitors to our office.  A crew from Fox Sports Ohio and Cincinnati's local Fox affiliate stopped by to learn more about our us and the hobby we love.  Of course, we're more than happy to share a few of the finer items in our inventory and how we make it all come together everyday. 

The upcoming segment will offer a chance to meet Dean and he takes the viewer into our card warehouse for an up close look at some of the finest items we have in our deep inventory of cards.  Dean is very excited to share his love of card collecting with all the Cincinnati Reds fans who will be watching. 

The upcoming segment will air soon on local channel Fox 19 as well as during the pregame of an upcoming Reds Broadcast on Fox Sports Ohio.  We are very grateful for their interest in the hobby and their generosity in creating the piece. Stay tuned to the blog as we will share the upcoming story with as it airs. 

For more information on collecting cards and a deeper look into our inventory, please visit Dean's Cards.com.

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