Thursday, September 24, 2009

1969 Topps Baseball Card Prices

I just adjusted the pricing of the 1969 Topps Baseball Cards that Dean's Cards has in stock and made the following observations that you might find interesting.

  • The 1st Series of the 1969 Topps Baseball Cards are definitely the most populated.  The nice thing about this is that the league leaders cards are relatively easy to acquire.  1969 has some of my favorite league leaders cards.

  • The #47 C Paul Popovich error card with “C” on the helmet is hard to find and worth more than most price guides give it credit for.

  • The scarcest team to find is the Mets – because of their World Series victory.  1969 Topps cards of the Mets players are extremely difficult to find, with the exception of J.C. Martin.

  • Less scarce, but still difficult to find  are guys who played for the Cubs and Tigers.

  • When we are building 1969 Topps sets, we are often missing the World Series Cards.

  • The 1969 Topps Last Series is not as tough as most years, but some of the cards sell for more than the Beckett Price Guide gives them credit for.  It often depends on the card.  Some High # cards we have dozens of, but others we have none.

  • We always seem to be missing the Rollie Fingers Rookie Card when we are building sets.

  • The white letter variations are greatly under priced by both Beckett and SCD Price Guides.  These cards are harder to find than a purple unicorn.

Another interesting note is that Dean's Cards sponsors the 1969 Topps Blog .  This is one of my favorite blogs and is a great read if you have not seen it.  We donated about a dozen cards that we have 14 or more quantity in that particular condition.  Among them was the Rod Carew All-Star card and the Pete Rose card.  I was very surprised that we have that many of Pete.

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