Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selling a Baseball Card Collection

Whether you are thinking of selling your boyhood collection or you have been handed the responsibility of liquidating the collection of a family member, it can be a very daunting task. This article reviews the options open to a person selling a vintage sports card collection and will hopefully assist in "parting the fog" on how to get the most money possible for your collection.

If you are interested in selling a collection, or just a few cards, Dean's Cards will buy your collection. Dean's Cards spends thousands of dollars each week on Vintage Collectibles. We will purchase Memorabilia, Magazines, and pre-1980 baseball, football, hockey, basketball and even non-sports cards. The older the better. We will buy the whole collection. We will also buy complete sets from 1985 and older, plus any Reprint or Archives Sets. If you have sports magazines or books to sell, please see our article on selling magazines.

While there is no shortage of dealers who will buy vintage collections, Dean's Cards is able to offer higher percentage of the collection's actual value than most traditional card dealers. Dean's Cards can usually pay more for vintage card and memorabilia collections simply because what we buy goes directly into our own online inventory of 750,000 cards. In fact, quite a few card shop owners who buy collections will regularly send them to us - knowing that they will make a nice margin on the cards.

We offer the best selection of vintage sports cards and memorabilia available online. In order to do so, we are continuously purchasing collections. Dean's Cards makes selling your collection an extremely easy process. When we receive your cards, we are usually able to provide you with our bid within two business days. We make our top offer right away. If you accept our offer, we will mail you a check.

I sincerely hope that we end up writing you a large check! This means you have some nice cards and we always need the inventory. If the amount that we offer for your cards falls below your expectations, we will pay the postage to return the collection to you.

If you are looking to sell your cards, please contact Dean

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