Thursday, September 24, 2009

1970 Topps Baseball Card Pricing

I just adjusted the pricing of the 1970 Topps Baseball Cards in the Dean's Cards inventory and made the following observations:

  • 1970 Topps cards 1 to 546 are well populated and readily available in all conditions.

  • The League Leader cards are very attractive and easy to find.

  • The toughest cards to find are the guys who played for the Mets and Cubs.

  • The World Series cards of the games that the Mets won are much harder to find than those of the games that the Orioles won!

  • Some of the star cards for this year sell for more than their book values:  Killebrew, Olivia, Rose, Bench.

  • Dean’s Cards always seems to be missing #600 Willie Mays when building 1970 Topps Sets.